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Akademik Tarih ve Düşünce Dergisi (ATDD) began to its academic-scientific life of publication by issuing its first issue on 2013 December. Hakan Yılmaz is its Founder and Publisher and the journal has begun to be published four issues in a year (quarterly) as from 2018 while publishing three issues in a year till 2018.Objective (target) of the journal is to bring international specific (original/authentic) studies, which are carried out in all human and social sciences, including history and philosophy, into science world and to make academic contribution to world science.Aims of the journal are to publish specific (original/authentic) studies which are presented according to scientific methods and approaches in all areas/spheres of Social and Human Sciences. In addition to current research papers (study writings), there are also studies which shape form in an interdisciplinary and a multidisciplinary way, theoretical and translation papers (writings), letters to editor, travel writings and review papers, and book reviews (launchs/presentations).Papers (writings) which have reached to the journal are firstly reviewed/examined by editors with an objective/neutral eye; plagiarism search (check) is carried out; and if deemed as appropriate, the said paper is sended to two independent peer reviewers (if required, to three ones). The papers (writings) which have received positive answer from peer reviews are published in the following first issue of the journal.There are journal’s masthead (tag), author’s information, date of the paper (writing)’ reaching to the journal and its acceptance date for publication in pages of the published papers (writings)..The papers which have come to the journal since its foundation were reviewed (checked) with an objective/neutral eye and those deserving (to publish) were published. This situation is an important factor that increases international respectability of the journal.All matters/issues as subject concerning social and human sciences can be addressed in the journal. From the past to the present day, historical, geographical, cultural, philosophical and all human matters/issues are treated by authors scientifically. ‘‘there is no way question of a biased (sided) attitude toward any race, belief and culture in the journal, and all policies of the journal are conducted scientifically and neutrally (objectively)’’.There are abstracts in Turkish, English and Russian of papers (writings), and original ones which have not been published before in anywhere are published in the journal. Publications open to all languages including Turkish, English, Russian, Persian and Azerbaijani Turkish are carried out in the journal.Foundation (basis) of open access policy of Akademik Tarih ve Düşünce Dergisi (ATDD) is the principle that publications which are carried out for all authors and readers are of clarity (openness) and that everyone can access these publications free of charge.  Akademik Tarih ve Düşünce Dergisi gives an open access to its articles because of the journal’s belief (trust) to the principle that conveying scientific studies and researches to people would increase humanbeing’s knowledge potential. In this context, Akademik Tarih ve Düşünce Dergisi (ATDD) gives its readers the permission "to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or to make a connection to full texts" in accordance with the definition "open access" of BOAI (Budapest Open Access Initiative). In addition, all materials of Akademik Tarih ve Düşünce Dergisi (ATDD) are licenced under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC-BY 4.0).Akademik Tarih ve Düşünce Dergisi (ATDD) is linked via web site https://dergipark.org.tr/tr/pub/atdd and the journal takes a place on Scientific Electronic Library platform in www.elibrary.ru.Principles, eveloped by Committee on Publication Ethics – COPE –, guide editorial works of the journal&all activities of its editorial board, and these principles are tightly attached (committed) to.



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