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From Editor

Our esteemed readers,

Our purpose is to go beyond the existing in the field of thought (idea) and research, to make contribution to investigations (examinations) in scientific field of history and thought (idea) by keeping away from pressure an concern (anxiety), and to reach the good-nice-true one by bringing relationship between reader-journal through what have been presented into the best point. Here, also our published journal of June 2020, Volume 7, Issue 2, has come to light, with the same effort.Our journal, which has won the valuable reader’s, that is you, favour and supports as from its first issue, has continued its publication life with same excitement, and from now on, the journal has taken it upon itself to carry this service flag to further honourably and proudly. In this context, we take as a sacred duty to abide by scientific principles in each step to publication of the journal, to prioritize research, investigation (inquiry) and analitical approaches, and to consult with specialists so that the most remarkable results can be reached. Based on this sentence, either approaches it presented, or subjects it accounted for and its state of being followed internationaly in its publications, or its having a staff who is experienced in all areas, practiced, accompolished, distinguished and competent; all has carried Akademik Tarih ve Düşünce Dergisi to the point of a respectable publication organization.Sending manuscripts (writings) from different countries of the world preferring for publication is a a sign (indication of) to scientific quality together with both recognition and objectivity of the journal. As is in international area, also performing an important function in preserving our historical and cultural heritage, transferring and introducing our acquis (body of knowledge) to next generation, our journal will promote (encourage) a lot of studies that would be conducted in the field of social and human sciences and will also continue shed light on disputable (controversial) subjects. In this sense, conditions and circumstances, which our country and nation are in, obligate us to think together much more than all times, act together, more importantly to be principled (to have principles) and work much more. Hoping and wishing that Akademik Tarih ve Düşünce Dergisi, published along axis of this understanding and principle (ideal, slogan), would arouse an impact on our climate of thought and make an contribution to our wisdom (knowledge, understanding)…Yours faithfully…

Hakan Yılmaz
Editor in chief

Adres :Akademik Tarih ve Düşünce Dergisi
Telefon :+ 90 533 310 2773 Faks :
Eposta :akademiktarihvedusunce@gmail.com / atddjournal@yandex.com

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